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Pipa, Brazil.

Imagine beautiful scenery, stunning semi-deserted beaches, warm temperatures year round and the cleanest air on the planet after Antarctica. A constant cooling sea breeze keeps the mosquitos away and ensures pleasant humidity levels. Think of a rustic place where environmental consciousness prevails, all housing is low density and habitats for dolphins, marine turtles, birds and monkeys are preserved. Add to this a diversified international cuisine, a vibrant nightlife and some of the friendliest people around all leading to a unique sense of well-being. This place exists. Welcome to Pipa, a true Brazilian paradise.

Praia de Pipa

Folklore has it that the name Pipa eminates from Portuguese explorers, who when arriving at the place, saw a rock shaped like a barrel of rum. Pipa is Portuguese for barrel and the name has remained ever since. People talk about "the magic of Pipa" and it certainly has the unending capacity to intoxicate visitors converting many to residents. Indeed speak to the old hippies in the area and they will tell you stories of unique lay lines that meet here and whilst everywhere will try to claim to be the next Pipa, the reality is that nothing will ever match the special combination of elements that is found here.

Pipa fisherman


The video below gives an insight into Pipa's special vibe.

Pipa Day and Night

Pipa is located in Rio Grande do Norte, south of Natal in the district of Tibau. There is a single road that runs through Pipa following the coast to Tibau so it's difficult to lose your way. In fact the only ones who manage to get lost here are those that want to.

Praia do Amor

Pipabrazil.com has been set up to allow visitors to make the most of any trip to Pipa. The images, videos and interactive tour (see Villa to Let section) should give the reader an excellent overview but this is clearly no substitute for a personal visit.

Coconut Bar

If you haven’t travelled to Brazil previously, then Pipa is a great place to start discovering just how much this Latino jewel has to offer. It is one of the safest and most relaxed places in Brazil and if you are returning don’t worry…..its even better the next time around.

Praia do Madeira
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