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Pipas vibrant nightlife has been voted the best in the North East of Brazil and this rating is further supported by Brazilian magazine 'Viaje Mais' which declared it 'the hottest youll find outside Recife' a city of over 1.5million people.

Rancho da Pipa

In Pipa, everyone has a good time, blending together seamlessly in this small, peaceful but cosmopolitan village. Whether you are looking for a quiet night out or something more upbeat all options are there. There is even the occasional full moon party or fancy dress shindig (see video below) outside of carnival week to keep revellers happy.

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Pipa All Night Long

Below we list a few favourite haunts but as there are now over 50 venues this is by no means an exhaustive list which leaves you with plenty of serendipity opportunities. All restaurants in Pipa retain a rustic feel regardless of standard but there is a significant difference in quality. At the top end is Pacifico and Tapas both of which would pass muster anywhere. Both are located just off the main street in Rua dos Bem-te-vis. The signature dish at Tapas is the sesame seared tuna with sweet soy sauce, whilst the carpaccio we tasted in Pacifico was frankly sublime. Neither of these places are the cheapest in town but offer great value for money.

Agua na Boca

If you are looking for a romantic candlelit dinner for 2 then it has to be The Coconut Bar at the far end of Praia de Pipa. Drop by for an afternoon tipple and negotiate yourself a table and maybe a private dining experience. The food is excellent and the setting just perfect, but hurry....its changing hands in Nov 2008 and likely to change its format.



Natural Brazil

For all the carnivores, no visit to South America would be complete without sampling a succulent Brazilian or Argentinian steak. Garagem, the boat bar, for example does a great steak sandwich but for the full on meatfest it has to be El Rancho de Pipa up the hill from bar Oz.


Venture down to Tibau do Sul and look out for the Cantina de Ostras if you are an oyster fan or alternatively walk back towards the ferry for 2 of the smallest and quaintest bars in the peninsula, Porte do Sul and Zamzibar. Further back along the beach towards Pipa but still in Tibau is Ponta Pirambu, a day use hotel. And for stunning sunsets overlooking the lagoon the creperie at Marinas Hotel is a must.


There is no shortage of bars to visit on Pipas main street. One to look out for is Chinos. It may be small but this just adds to the intimacy. In fact you are guaranteed to get chatting to someone in there. Service is friendly, drinks are top notch and it has a steady stream of home spun tunes emanating from the decks that keep everyone in the right frame of mind. Laurie and Chino who own it may be moving on to open a bar in Praia das Minas which would be a sad loss for Dolphin Avenue.


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