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Whichever praia you choose to visit you will be assured of plenty of space. Even the busiest beaches are sparsely populated (with the possible exception of one sandbank on Praia de Pipa). Pipa regularly gets voted as one of Brazil's top 10 beach destinations and as such attracts plenty of interest from its own population creating a genuine laid back Latino atmosphere.

Praia de Pipa

Praia de Pipa
Is the main beach and the one where you will find the most bars and restaurants. Boat trips depart from the northern end of the beach. It is also benefits from direct access from the village without having to negotiate the cliffs. Here you will find the calmest water and therefore it is the most family orientated of the 4 beaches. At the far southerly end you will find The Coconut Bar which is an outstanding spot for a few sundowners. Relax as the tide rolls in underneath you.

View from Praia de Pipa

Praia do Amor
Focus here is on surfing and chillin out. Most people hang out at the northern end of the beach with the view towards Chapadao. There is a great beach service for drinks and snacks and the oyster man will be happy to hand shuck as many as you can digest. The waves are perfect for surfing but the stronger undercurrents means more care must be taken and it is therefore unsuitable for children. Access is via some large stone steps cut out of the cliff or take a short walk at lower tide from Praia de Pipa but expect a few rocks along the way. The bay has a slight heart shaped appearance and hence why it is called love beach.

Surfboards Praia do Amor

Baia dos Golfinhos/Praia do Curral
The quietest of the 4 beaches and home to the dolphins that can be seen here on a daily basis. It is only really accessible by walking from Praia de Pipa as there is no access from the cliffs above which is home to the ecological reserve. At either end of this beach are the volcanic rocks which must be negotiated. Whilst a few people do walk between Golfinhos and Madeiro beach it is not for the faint hearted and a much longer rock walk than from Praia de Pipa. Don't expect too much in the way of services here although there is usually one drinks vendor plying his trade.

Baia dos Golfinhos

Praia do Madeiro
Some people claim this is the most beautiful of the 4 beaches possibly because it combines elements of the all the others. It has the dramatic backdrop of the large cliffs edged by the Atlantic forest at one end that make Golfinhos and Praia de Pipa so distinctive. Madeiro has lots of palm trees, it offers surfing opportunities similar to Praia do Amor and there is an excellent beach service covering everything from caprihinias to coconuts. The only drawback is that the restroom facilities are stationed in the hotel above which is a 75ft climb via a wooden staircase. This offers the easiest access to and from the beach as well as some invigorating exercise. Many people take the minibus service or a taxi if travelling from Pipa village.

Seaview towards Praia do Madeiro

Above Cacimbinhas Beach at the far end of Praia do Madeiro is a great place to try out sandsurfing (best after 3.00pm). At the other side of Pipa there is the turtle santuary lying between Praia do Amor and Praia das Minas - a long flat stretch of beach heading towards Sibauma. Alternatively just relax at Tibau do Sul which is also good spot for swimming.

Turtle Sanctuary
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