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One of the great icons of the 70s, the inimitable beach buggy is alive and well in Brazil. The North East coast has extensive beaches and gigantic sand dunes that form a natural playground for this fat wheeled fun-loving fiend (see video link below)

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Bugging out

Not only can you enjoy the tropical sunshine in its full glory and have the wind rushing through your hair but it allows you the freedom to take all the coastal short cuts delivering a scenic experience that the freeway is just never going to match.

Dune Buggies

There are several buggies, with drivers, for hire in Pipa and this is one excursion that you should not miss out on. Just make sure to take plenty of sunscreen and a good fitting hat as the rays are strong in these parts.

Beach Bar
Hi - turn

Various day trip options are available encompassing the worlds largest cashew tree (4000sqm) and the most adventuresome dune park at Genipabu in the North to some stunning scenery in the South however the destination is frankly secondary to the whole experience. For those after a little more excitement, ask your driver for the ride to be 'com emoção' (with emotion) it will be an exhilarating drive as you go up and down the towering dunes (up to 100ft) at rapid speeds.and dont forget to hire a sandboard if you are missing the ski slopes. If this isn't enough to get the heart racing try the death slide and water chute options up at Jacuma.

Camel ride

Alternatively if you prefer a more relaxing way to spend your day there are several boat trips which set of from Praia de Pipa and will take you around the different bays. A great opportunity to watch the dolphins, go swimming and get a different perspective on the peninsula.

Buggy Bar Camel ride
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