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Ecological Sanctuary, Pipa.

The Ecological Sanctuary of Pipa is an area of preserved Mata Atlantica (Atlantic Rainforest) covering ancient coastal dunes with native fauna and flora. Open to visitors, it offers numerous nature paths through the dense foliage and some of the best vantage points in the region. You are almost guaranteed to see both dolphins and turtles at high tide from the clifftop lookouts as well as vultures, tuft eared tree monkeys (calitrix jaccus) and other creatures.

The Sanctuary's aim is to stimulate the appreciation, understanding and protection of the plants and wildlife of the coastal North East. It participates in project TAMAR that aims to preserve 5 different species of turtles threatened with extinction in Brazil, by monitoring the spawning of their eggs along the beaches of Cacimbinhas and Sibaüma. NB Please don't leave any non-biodegradable materials behind and avoid driving any type of vehicle on the beaches of Minas and Sibaüma during the spawning season which is from November to May.

Eco Sanctuary
Visitor Information.

Before setting off, visitors should confirm the conditions of the chosen trail, which depend on the status of weekly cleaning and pruning. We request the cooperation of all to help maintain the area's ecological harmony and minimise risk of accidents, please respect the park's plant and animal life and observe the Park Code of Conduct:

  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Prevent fires.
  • Respect boundaries and proper entrances, observing fences and gates.
  • Stay on the trails.
  • Use the trashcans.
  • Keep water sources uncontaminated.
  • Use caution on the trails to prevent accidents.
  • Follow guides' instructions.

Level of Difficulty
Easy 1 2 3 4 5 Difficult
Main Trails.

JACÚ BIRD TRAIL(200 m) - GRADE 2 - Sunlit and breezy trail that follows the highest point of the Chácara do Madeiro, 80m above sea level.

BOA CONSTRICTOR TRAIL (340 m) - GRADE 3 - Serpentine trail that plunges into the park's most remote point, then rises to an emotional peak.

FAIR MAIDEN'S PATH (400 m) - GRADE 3 - Enchanting vistas through natural tunnel where hikers can play hide-and-seek with the sea.

OLD CASTLE STEPS (90 m) - GRADE 4 - To the invigorating beat of the waves, this staircase drops from the point of Toca da Caipora to the luminous small beach below, for frequent sightings of boats and dolphins.

HIKE OF THE PEROBA TREE (300 m) - GRADE 1 - Charming trail that follows the contours of the cliffs of Madeiro Point, enjoying epic views - to the south, to the north.

PIRATES' TRAIL (100 m) - GRADE 4 - Includes the thrilling rope staircase leading to the Bay of Madeiro, perfect for a sea dip.

ARMADILLO PATH (150 m) - GRADE 3 - Loops visitors back to the entrance, in a mild climb that avoids contact with the road used by cars.

Other Trails.

CHORRÓ TRAIL (100 m) - GRADE 2 - Small "appetiser" that takes visitors from the "waiting room" to the trailheads, as a test of physical condition for longer hikes.

FIREFLY'S FLIGHT (200 m) - GRADE 2 - Zigzag trail celebrating the tiny insect that enchants dark winter nights. Ends at the Maracajá staircase

MARACAJÁ DESCENT (90 m) - GRADE 4 - Steep trail that drops from the magical Mirante da Meia-Lua ("Half-Moon Lookout") to the Espelho da Lua Cheia ("Mirror of the Full Moon").

CHAMELEON'S TRAIL (600 m) - GRADE 4 - As the name suggests, this is a trail with incredible variations of colour, climate, views and other points of interest.

ADVENTURE TRAIL (150 m) - GRADE 1 - Just for children. Full of surprises. Pick up our special pamphlet to participate in this fun activity.

HOURS: Visitors are asked to leave the beach by 16:00 p.m. and return to the park entrance by 17:00 p.m., to allow for the closing of the park.

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