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Retail therapy is alive and kicking in Pipa. Numerous gift and jewellery outlets are available all with their own distinctive character and unique charm. These are complimented by several surf shops, a beautifully Bohemian bookshop and more practical offerings like chemists and a mini-mart.

Book shop

Pricing in the gift shops is geared towards international tariffs so don't expect to get too many bargains especially on the big name surf brands but at least the options are there. Drinks however are fortunately much better value for money especially if you stick to more local concoctions.

There are 2 currency exchange bureaus and a 24hr ATM next to the Bodega Brazil (home to a plethora of Cachasa brands). The ATM charges 8 Reais per transaction but it's got a monopoly and is therefore constantly busy.


Many locals use the Sunday market in the main square at Goianinha for stocking up on food but for larger ticket items you may need to travel to Natal or Ponta Negra. There are several hypermarkets including Makro, Extra and Carrefour but supporting the local traders should be the preferred option. There are also some possibilities in Tibau especially for seafood.

24 Hour ATM and Bodega

Internet cafes of course exist and as Pipa's wireless internet system was recently upgraded those wishing to use their own laptops can do so by obtaining a password and user ID from the sole provider downtown. Speeds up to 256 Kbps are possible so internet VOIP services such as Skype work OK. Costs vary with connection speeds but all can be purchased on a single month contact, making it highly convenient and attractive for any net addicts.

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