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São Miguel do Gostoso - Road trip.

Have you ever left a party that you were thoroughly enjoying, just to chase an even better time elsewhere only to be subsequently disappointed? This was the inherent danger as we departed Pipa on our road trip North of Natal. São Miguel do Gostoso was the destination but it promised one spiritual experience that is impossible to get in Pipa - the evening sun setting into the water.

Pit stop

The easiest way to get there is via the BR-101 but if you want a ride that is infinitely more enjoyable you will be needing a 4x4 or buggy because that allows you to avoid both tarmac and traffic by taking the beach most of the way. A word of warning however, firstly you need to know where you are going (so not a good idea if you haven't been shown all the in and out points) and secondly watch out for the tides. Many places that are passable at low tide become somewhat treacherous/impossible at high tide (see our 4x4 hic-cup opposite).

We were 2 mins away from turning the car into a rusty sacrifice to the god of stupidity. Only 6 fallen trees, a basic knowledge of physics and 3 very helpful locals enabled us to do a Houdini in the nick of time - you have been warned. Perhaps that buggy driver is looking good value after all.

Another reason for choosing a licensed buggy is that you get to take in the Dunepark at Genipabu, which is a must (see buggies and trips page). Further to the North lies the love tree, legend has it that any couple visiting the tree will stay together for the rest of their lives - not a fact currently being promoted in any divorce lawyers offices.

Buried Treasure

Man powered ferries, Under 10 onboard diving competitions and endless windswept beaches all added to the journey. We eventually arrived at the finishing line ready to indulge in a few authentic caipirinhas served by the lovely staff at Plenilunio, definitely worth the effort. São Miguel do Gostoso is still a one horse town but it may not remain that way forever. The sunset arguably beats the one from Café del Mar in Ibiza and has another notable advantage, it's practically undiscovered.

Goianinha` Vultures circling overhead`
Ponte Newton Navarro` International Rescue
Turbo Charged Ferry` On the move again`
On board entertainment` Finishing line`
Brazilian honey pot` Plenilunio`
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