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The nearest major city to Pipa is Natal approximately 80km to the North. The international airport here is called Augusto Severo with many direct flights to Europe. There is a new airport planned, now due for completion in 2010. This will be situated slightly further North in São Gonçalo do Amarante on the outskirts of Natal and will be the biggest cargo airport in South America. It has been designed to take the new A380 super jumbo but will also facilitate much greater numbers of tourists visiting the North East coastline.


Flying times are approx 9 hours from UK or 7 hours from Spain, however jet lag is not an issue as there is only a 3 hour time difference to GMT. This is a clear benefit compared to other global tropical destinations in the East and makes even a one week holiday tempting.

Dislub sign`

Travel between Augusto Severo airport and Pipa is quite straightforward. Easiest option is to take a taxi from the airport. Expect to pay 120 to150 Reais for the journey which currently takes approx 75 mins but make sure you get a fixed price in advance. This journey time will be lowered in future years as the BR-101 is being upgraded from 2 lane road to a 4 lane freeway. Its anticipated that when all upgrades have been completed the journey time between Pipa and the new Airport will be approx 45mins.


Alternatively hire a car and head south on the BR 101. Leave the airport and follow the first sign to Natal. Once on the main road you will need to do a U-turn (standard practice on Brazilian roads) and follow the BR 101 signs towards Joao Pessoa (not Forteleza). Take a left turn at Goianinha (just after the Dislub filling station). There is a sign warning you that the turning is approaching. After making the turn you will see the distinctive façade of the Goianinha church, Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres.


If you are travelling at night take extra care of the road humps and large potholes between Goianinha and Pipa. Most are not sign posted and sometimes appear when you least expect them. The leg between Goianinha and Pipa is particularly enjoyable during the day passing through the basic but vibrantly coloured villages.

Pipa Area roadsign`

Getting around in Pipa is easy and can all be done by foot. If you wish to venture further afield car hire is available. You may opt for a standard hire, A VW golf costs approx 90BR per day from Pipa Locadora, situated near the entrance to Pipa on the main street Ave Baia dos Golphinos, or alternatively rent a beach buggy with driver for the day which is far more fun. See Buggies and Trips section for more details.


f you want to go to Madeiro beach or Tibau there are taxis or even cheaper is the dolphin bus service. This goes every 10 mins or so. It costs only 1.25 Reais for a one way journey and you can flag it down anywhere on route just by sticking your hand out. Just squeeze in and pay once aboard. An authentic experience and an enjoyable way of getting up close and personal with the locals. Other bus services to Goianinha and Natal are also available but on a less frequent basis.

Dolphin Bus

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